What must you do after an accident to prepare for an injury claim?

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What must you do after the accident in relation to a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

Immediately after the road traffic accident, you must make a written Police Report as soon as possible. If you’re hospitalised as a result of the accident, make your report as soon as you’re discharged from the hospital.

You should state the following information in the Police Report:

  1. registration numbers and name of insurance companies of all vehicles involved in the accident;
  2. names, NRIC Numbers, addresses and telephone numbers of the drivers, passengers, injured pedestrians and witnesses.

The Police Report is important because it’s the official written record of the accident. Your insurance company, the Police and lawyers will refer to it if you make any claim for compensation.

You must also report the accident to your insurance company (“insurers”) within the time limit stated in your policy, typically 7 days, otherwise, your insurers may not accept responsibility for any claims made by you or any third person claims against you.

If your vehicle has been damaged in the road traffic accident, you must arrange for it to be removed to your workshop or to a workshop approved by your insurer for a survey and repairs. If, however, you wish to claim against the insurer of the other vehicle, you may wish to give the other vehicle’s insurer an opportunity to inspect your vehicle within a reasonable time (e.g. 48 hours).

If you’ve been injured in the road traffic accident, visit a doctor immediately for treatment and obtain a medical report. Depending upon the severity of the accident and how it has physically affected you, this could be the most important step and should occur first.

You must keep a proper record of the following:

  1. particulars of the accident;
  2. copies of Police Report s/GIA reports;
  3. medical and specialist reports;
  4. a list of expenses incurred, e.g. transport, medical fees and rental of car; and
  5. documents supporting your claim such as photographs (and negatives), medical certificates, repair bills and
  6. names and particulars of witnesses.

So there you have it, some basic information on what you must do after the accident in relation to a Road Traffic Accident Claim.

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