What must you do at the accident site in relation to a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Blog

According to the Motor Claims Framework (‘MCF’) written by the General Insurance Association of Singapore, motorists must follow specific procedures in case of an accident.

At the road traffic accident site, you must take down the following particulars:

  1. registration numbers and name of insurance companies of all vehicles involved in the accident;
  2. names, NRIC Numbers, addresses and telephone numbers of the drivers, passengers, injured pedestrians and witnesses.

You must also give your personal particulars to the other people involved in the accident.

If it’s a serious accident e.g. where someone is injured or has died, you must call the Police. As the Police need to draw a sketch plan don’t move the vehicles or injured persons.

If possible, you should also do the following:

  1. make a sketch plan or mental note of the accident site, position of vehicles, any landmarks; and
  2. take photographs of all damage caused by the accident. You must keep the negatives of those photographs.

This is important because many don’t realise how essential and helpful sketch plans, photographs of the scene of the accident and photographs of damage sustained are to parties who are trying to resolve the accident claim, be it pre or post writ.

If you’re the vehicle owner and fail to report to your insurers, your insurers may have the right to reject your claim. This may also result in a loss of your No Claim Discount when you review your policy next.

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About the author

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