What to expect when your Civil trial ends?

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What to expect when your Civil trial ends?

After all the witnesses from both sides have been questioned and examined by the lawyers in a Civil trial, each side must present oral closing submissions by referring to their final arguments.

In most situations, a person’s closing submissions will summarise the evidence heard during the trial and will state the reasons why the Court should decide in favour of that person: for example, why the Court should not accept the evidence of certain witnesses. Closing submissions will also typically state the legal authorities supporting the person’s arguments, for example, legislation or previously decided cases.

The Court may decide that parties don’t need to make their closing submissions orally. Instead, the Court may give the parties a deadline by which to submit their written closing submissions. In most situations, the Defendant will make his closing submissions first, followed by the Plaintiff. It’s also possible for parties to exchange their written submissions at the same time.

The judgment is the decision of the Court at the close of the trial. The Court may deliver judgment immediately after listening to the closing submissions or may adjourn the case to take more time to think about the evidence and arguments. In such an instance, the Court will tell the parties to attend the Court later for the delivery of judgment.

Once the judgment is given, that person should not argue with the Judge or protest in any other way as this may amount to contempt of Court.

If a person isn’t satisfied with the judgment and wants to appeal the decision, he must submit a notice of appeal within 14 days from the delivery of the judgment. Before filing an appeal, the person should check and apply for leave to appeal if required.

So there you have it, some basic information on what to expect when your Civil trial ends.

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