What kind of cases does the Family Court handle?

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The Family Court deals with all family proceedings in Singapore. It has the authority to handle the following types of cases:

  • Adoption proceedings
  • Divorce, nullity and judicial separation proceedings
  • Guardianship, custody, care and control of and access to children – this can involve couples who are still married to each other, those who have already been divorced or couples who have never been married to each other
  • Division of matrimonial assets – this involves looking at how matrimonial property and assets should be distributed between the couple after a divorce
  • Personal protection orders (PPOs) – these can be obtained by one family member against another family to prevent acts of family violence taking place
  • Spousal and child maintenance – this can relate to maintenance being paid for the wife, ex-wife, or Children
  • Enforcement of maintenance orders made by Singapore courts, the Maintenance of Parents Tribunal and the
    Syariah Court
  • Reciprocal enforcement of maintenance orders made by foreign courts or tribunals – this involves a person trying to ask the Singapore Courts to recognise and give effect to a Court Order obtained in an overseas country.

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About the author

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