What happens in the second stage of a Divorce regarding Ancillary Matters?

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Media

We’ve talked before about how there are 2 key phases in Divorce proceedings for a Civil Marriage:

  • Phase 1 involves the dissolution and termination of the Civil Marriage.
  • In Phase 2, the Court will look at how to handle the Ancillary Matters regarding 3 issues:
    1. Children, meaning who will get Custody of the Children, Care and Control of the Children, and Access to the Children.
    2. Maintenance of the Wife and Children – how much should the husband pay to financial maintain the wife and children
    3. Division of the Matrimonial Assets and Properties – how should the matrimonial assets and properties (such as the matrimonial home, investment properties, cash in bank accounts and other valuables and assets) be distributed between the husband and wife

So, there you have it, some basic information on: What happens in the second stage of a Divorce and what are considered Ancillary Matters? If you need a Divorce lawyer in Singapore, I’m offering a free 30-minute consultation to help you figure out if I’m the right fit for your case. Learn more about what’s involved in Divorce consultation fees.

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About the author

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