How do you get the Court’s permission to leave Singapore on bail?

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How do you get the Court’s permission to leave Singapore if you’re on bail?

If you’re involved in Court proceedings and you’ve already been released on bail, you will need to get the Court’s permission if you want to travel outside of Singapore whether for work-related reasons for personal reasons.

You can apply for the Court’s permission by submitting a formal written application, filing an online application in the Court’s online case and file management portal known as the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS), or by submitting a standard application form available at the Crime Registry located in the State Courts building. Your application must state the details of the next Court hearing date, time and venue as well as the duration, destination and purpose of your planned trip.

Once you’ve submitted your application, the Judge will consider the application and schedule a separate Court hearing date for you to present your reasons for your application.

On the date of the hearing in Court, you and your bailor must attend and you must give the reasons for the application. You must inform the Court of the planned destinations as well as the dates you’ll be leaving and returning to Singapore. Your bailor must also confirm to the Court that he agrees and consents to your application and that he will continue to be your bailor and fulfil his responsibilities as a bailor during the period of your travel.

The Prosecution will have the opportunity to respond to your application and state whether they have any objections or disagree with your application.

After hearing the input from you and the Prosecution, the Court can either reject the application or approve the application and give permission subject to additional bail conditions e.g. an increased bail amount.

If the application is approved and you and your bailor are able to comply with the additional bail conditions, then you’ll be allowed to travel outside of Singapore. However, if your application is rejected and dismissed by the Court, you’ll not be allowed to leave Singapore.

So, there you’ve it, some basic information on: how you get the Court’s permission to leave Singapore if you’re on bail

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