How do you handle a Personal Injury Claim?

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Blog

If you have suffered a Personal Injury (e.g. suffered at work, in a traffic accident, as a result of faulty goods or services, as a result of negligent conduct by others), you may be able to start the following types of Civil claims: 

  • Start a claim against the party you feel was responsible for causing your injuries
  • Start a claim for compensation to cover the losses you have suffered as a result of the injury
  • Start a claim for immediate financial problems arising because of the injury (e.g. loss of income or earning capacity, you are unable to work.

If you are planning to start a Civil claim regarding your Personal Injury, you should also take the following steps to prepare:

  • If your injury resulted from a road-traffic accident, you must file a Police Report and report it to your insurance company.
  • If the injury resulted from an accident at work, you must notify your employer and the accident must be recorded by them.
  • You must report the injury to your doctor to record the injury and also obtain the necessary treatment and medication, even if the injury does not seem to be serious. This is because the doctor who examined you will be asked to provide medical report to the Court when your case starts and the medical report will be helpful to confirm the nature of the injury.
  • You must compile evidence regarding the accident and injuries to support your explanation of how it happened (e.g. photographs of the accident scene, names and addresses of witnesses, record your own recollection of the incident while the facts are still clear are still fresh in your mind, copies of all relevant documents such as receipts and medical reports).
About the author

About the author

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